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Field Ranger

CapeNature | Posted 8-06-2021

Western Cape (Law and Justice)

CapeNature seek to appoint a dynamic individual to undertake reserve operations and assist with the natural resource management and integrated catchment management. The candidate will be responsible for ecological data collection and data management, monitoring, quality assurance, infrastructure and equipment maintenance, environmental education, and law enforcement and compliance monitoring. The Field Ranger will also be responsible for supervisory and administrative tasks and will report to the Conservation Manager (On Reserve).


Ensure effective management and expansion of the Protected Area Estate

  • Support the reserve management team in the effective management of the Protected Area
  • Contribute to the drafting of integrated work plans and annual plans of operation
  • Implement annual plans of operation
  • Perform supervisory and administrative duties such as supervision of EPWP teams, compilation of reports, vehicle inspections and log sheets, purchase requests, and asset management according to policy and procedure
  • Transport staff / contractors / equipment as required
  • Support reserve operations

Support Ecological Management and Integrated Catchment Management

  • Implement the ecological matrix and annual plans of operation for the Nature Reserve
  • Collect and curate quality data according to process and procedure, manage and submit data according to standard and ensure data provides decision support
  • Accommodate researchers and support research activities as required
  • Undertake fire protection, wildland suppression, and firefighting operations
  • Assist with invasive alien species management and control, including species identification, density verification and quality control
  • Implement quality control for projects as per integrated work plans and annual plans of operation

Undertake compliance monitoring and law enforcement on and off reserve, ensure quality assurance and adherence to Occupational Health and Safety policy and procedure

  • Participate in criminal enforcement operations for non-compliance with environmental legislation, including education and issuing warnings and fines where appropriate
  • Carry out patrols and undertake law enforcement action where appropriate
  • Ensure the visitors to the reserve adhere to contractual, permit or other conditions of access
  • Assist with hazard identification and risk assessments, quality assurance audits, and Occupational Health and Safety compliance
  • Implement Occupational Health and Safety policy, procedures, and guidelines
  • Ensure accurate reporting and mitigate potential hazards and emergency situations in collaboration with supervisors

Infrastructure and equipment management

  • Undertake minor repairs and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment
  • Maintain vehicles and equipment according to standards, procedures, and maintenance schedules
  • Perform routine infrastructure and equipment checks
  • Assist with control and management of stores and assets
  • Undertake and / or supervise fence maintenance and repair
  • Implement roads management, erosion control and rehabilitation

Maximizing socio-economic benefits to communities surrounding protected areas and increasing awareness of the importance of conservation

  • Provide visitors with accurate information and interpretation
  • Participate in the planning and implementation of Environmental Education and Awareness activities
  • Assist with Youth Development programmes as required
  • Assist with Community Based Natural Resource Management / People and Parks programmes as required
  • Assist with Local Economic Development initiatives on and off Reserve
  • Supervise volunteers, train and mentor students, contractors and EPWP teams


Qualifications and Experience

  • A Matric Qualification (NQF Level 6 relevant qualification will be advantageous)
  • At least two-years’ experience working in protected or nature areas
  • A valid code B driver’s license (EB license with PDP is an added advantage)
  • Knowledge and experience in ecological monitoring
  • Law enforcement and compliance
  • Fire Fighting experience
  • Bilingualism in at least two of the official languages of the Western Cape


  • Physically fit and ability to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions
  • Willingness to work weekend shifts and irregular hours
  • No criminal record
  • Strong analytical, strategic and creative problem-solving skills
  • Technical / mechanical ability
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment managing multiple projects and tight deadlines
  • Good project planning, coordination and organising skills
  • Ability to function independently and within a team
  • Computer literacy plus advanced proficiency in MS-Office
  • Use of GIS software


  • Possession of a valid Peace Officer’s certificate or Environmental Management Inspectorate certification
  • ICS certification / Fire Fighting qualifications
  • Valid Code B driver’s license
  • Matric Qualification